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The Talk Property To Me Podcast

December 2023 Property Market Update

Hear what happened with the Australian property market in December 2023. Good news for home owners as inflation levels drop

Property Investment Fundamentals – Part 2

In this episode, Brad and Casey dive into part two of the property investment fundamentals. Part one and two are

Property Investment Fundamentals – Part 1

In this episode, Brad and Casey give an in depth run down on the property investment fundamentals used by highly

RBA Warns Of Further Rate Rises | FB Group Q&A

During this episode, Brad and Casey discuss the minutes of the December RBA meeting and their warning of further rate

Expert Interview – Mike Mortlock, Quantity Surveyor

In this episode, Brad and Casey interview the well known property investment expert Mike Mortlock. Mike is the Managing Director

Increase Your Borrowing Capacity To Maximise Your Portfolio

Find out how to increase your borrowing capacity so that you can maximise the amount of properties you can purchase.

November 2023 Property Market Update

In this episode, Brad and Casey will unpack all of the important numbers of November 2023. Learn how the property

Why Right Now Is The Best Time To Invest In Property

In this episode, Brad and Casey discuss why now is the best time to purchase property. Hear real time stats

Why Should You Invest In Property?

In this episode, Brad and Casey discuss why it is often safer to invest in property vs other asset classes

Why The November 2023 Rate Rise Might Not Work

During this episode Brad and Casey discuss the November 2023 rate rise and why it might not have the desired

Who We Are and Why We Started This Podcast

In this episode, we chat about who we are and why we started this podcast. We did not meet in
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