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Taylored Property Wealth is a Buyer’s Agency that focuses on helping investors purchase high quality, high performing investment properties. We focus on purchasing residential houses in metro locations. We understand that long term as per Core Logic that houses in metro locations outperform all other asset classes.

Taylored Property Wealth can help you purchase property in the Newcastle Property Market, The Perth Property Market, The Brisbane Property Market and the Adelaide Property Market.

If you are looking for a low fee Buyer’s Agent we aren’t for you. We are a boutique high quality Buyer’s Agency that gets high quality results.

Here at Taylored Property Wealth we ensure that our clients build property portfolios fast.

Casey and his partner personally invest in the same assets that he helps his clients purchase. Putting his money where his mouth is. In less than 3 years they have managed to build a property portfolio of 7 properties and a granny flat. Their portfolio is now valued above 4.2 million dollars.

Casey worked in the finance industry, working in customer service, sales, leadership, coaching and lending roles, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience of the entire property purchase process. Casey excelled in all roles being recognized as a high performer due to his drive, ambition and passion for success.

Casey’s career journey, along with the skills, knowledge and qualifications he has collected, are the foundations on which Taylored Property Wealth was founded.

We Taylor strategies specific to our client’s property goals whether that be a single purchase or creating an extensive and diversified property portfolio.

Our superior data and in-depth research assist us in identifying quality suburbs primed for growth with strong yields for our clients. We then employ thorough due diligence methods in conjunction with strong negotiation strategies to secure properties at great prices, typically below market value.

The reasons we invest

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What is a Buyer’s Agent?

In Australia Buyer’s Agents are becoming a more commonly used professional. Australians have always utilized Real Estate Agents to assist with selling their property however not so much with the assistance of purchasing a property as a buyer.

We as Buyer’s agents act on behalf of the client and ensure that we explore and understand what the buyer is trying to achieve and then assist with accomplishing those goals. We use structured due diligence methods in combination with fundamental data analysis to identify areas primed for growth and then negotiate to win the sale.

We as Buyer’s Agents streamline the purchasing process through our strong relationships with selling agents. This helps us to identify pre market and off market listings before they are available online to the general public. This allows far more opportunity then the average buyer to purchase a solid property at a fair price ideally below market value if possible.

What Taylored Property Wealth does for you as the valued client?

What are the reasons you should use a Buyer’s Agent?

If you’re interested in having a conversation with us about our services please contact us at info@tayloredpropertywealth.com.au here or book a strategy session via the web page.

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Taylored Property Wealth

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We Taylor strategies specific to our client’s property goals whether that be a single purchase or creating an extensive and diversified property portfolio.


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