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4 million dollar property portfolio in less than three years buying 7 properties and building a granny flat!

The information within this E-book has helped my partner and I purchase 7 properties and build a granny flat in less than 3 years. Our portfolio is now worth over 4 million dollars! 

Did you know that 71% of property investors own just 1 investment property? Did you know that 19% of property investors own just 2 investment properties? And only 1% of property investors own more than 6 properties! 

Property investing is a game of numbers, and it’s crucial to treat property investing like a business. Otherwise you might be part of the 71% that gets stuck on one property! 

Or you may be like many Australian’s who never actually pull the trigger on purchasing an investment property to improve their future! 

We work with investors who align with our values and are ready to commit and take action now! 

Due to focusing on quality not quantity this means that we only work with a select number of clients each month! This unfortunately means that we can’t help everyone! 

We have created this E-book to give back knowledge, education and our experiences to help more investors make better decisions when purchasing!



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Taylored Property Wealth

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