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Here at Taylored Property Wealth we specialize in helping clients purchase investment properties nationwide. The Adelaide real estate market is one of the capital cities in Australia that is going to perform extremely well long term. This is why here at Taylored Property Wealth we are investing in the Adelaide real estate market. We are the Adelaide Buyer’s Agency for you.

You need Taylored Property Wealth Buyer’s Agent in Adelaide to ensure you purchase a high-quality investment property. We know the Adelaide property market extremely well and can find solution within this capital city location that will align with your property goals.

We can get you access to off market properties; help you purchase under market value and make sure the property achieves capital growth and equity to help you build your property portfolio. We pride ourselves on our first-class services to all of our investor clients.

If you’re looking to purchase and you’re looking for a Adelaide Buyer’s Agent, we are here to help.

What is a Buyer’s Agent?

A Buyer’s Agent acts on your behalf as the purchaser to get the best result. The same way that a sales agent acts on behalf of the seller to get the best result.

Right now in Australia there is approximately 1 Buyer’s Agent to every 34 real estate agents. This stat alone showcases how underrepresented buyer’s are in the Australian Property Market.

In the USA property market the percentage of buyers using Buyer’s Agents are far larger and in the years to come majority of purchasers will be using a Buyer’s Agent.

If you’re going it alone you will be at a disadvantage to those using Buyer’s Agents who do this day in and day out.

Don’t be fooled not every Buyer’s Agent is going to be quality and you really do pay for what you get.

A good high quality Buyer’s Agent will give you access to off market and pre market properties through their relationships with agents. They will be well experienced with property specific negotiations getting you a great deal. They will understand market value and purchase under market value to make money from day one. Extensive data, research, and due diligence to ensure it’s in a quality area and location to get the results you’re after.

Why should I work with Taylored Property Wealth Buyer’s Agency Adelaide?

Here are Taylored Property Wealth we are a boutique Adelaide Buyer’s Agency that specialize in purchasing high quality, high performing investment properties.

We provide a high-quality service to each and every one of our clients and we add to this with getting great results for our clients.

These results allow them to build their wealth, build their property portfolio and help them execute their long-term goals. Giving them freedom, choices and flexibility to work less, retire early and spend more time with family and friends.

What are the Adelaide Buyer’s Agent Fees?

If you buy cheap you buy twice! If you want to get high quality results and a first-class customer service you can’t expect to pay the lowest fee in the market place.

At Taylored Property Wealth Adelaide Buyer’s Agency we are competitive within the marketplace.

Our fee is Taylored specific to your goals. This will always depend on the complexity of the brief and your individual goals and circumstances.

We offer both negotiation only services which will be a percentage of the purchase price. In addition, we also offer full service where we take care of every step in the property purchasing

journey. This is a fixed fee.

If you want to understand our fee structure please reach out to Taylored Property Wealth Buyer’s Agency and we can discuss your goals and needs and advise what our fee structure will look like for your circumstances.

The City Of Adelaide

Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia. Adelaide is the largest city in South Australia and the 5th largest city of Australia. Adelaide has great food and wine, art, events and a cracking bar scene. Adelaide has museums, Art Gallery’s wineries to name a few.

The Adelaide property market in recent times has been performing extremely well.

Here are the following important statistics on the city of Brisbane as per the ABS and the 2021 census:

  • People/Population: 1,387,290
  • Male: 49.0%
  • Female: 51.0%
  • Median Age: 39
  • All private dwellings: 593,881
  • Average number of people per household: 2.5
  • Median weekly household income: $1,548
  • Median Monthly Mortgage repayments: $1,562
  • Median weekly rent: $320

Here are the following important statistics on the city of Brisbane as per Core Logic November 2023:

  • Median dwelling value: $700,024
  • Rolling 3 month change in dwelling value: 4.2%
  • Annual change in house rents: 6.5%
  • Annual change in unit rents: 9.2%
  • Gross rental yield dwellings: 3.9%

Top 10 Adelaide Suburbs with the highest 12-month value growth:



SA4 Name

Median Value

Annual Change



Adelaide – North




Gawler – Two Wells

Adelaide – North





Adelaide – North




Port Adelaide – West

Adelaide – West




Tea Tree Gully

Adelaide – North





Adelaide – South




Adelaide City

Adelaide – Central and Hills





Adelaide – Central and Hills




Holdfast Bay

Adelaide – South





Adelaide – South



Other Service Areas




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