Taylored Property Wealth

Our valued client entrusted us to negotiate on their behalf for a property they had found and wanted to secure. We were able to secure this for $960,000. We purchased this property $140,000 under the listing price.

The amazing part is that our client if they didn’t use our services would have started their negotiations $40,000 above the end result at 1 mil. This is an incredible result for our client, and this will save them years off their mortgage securing it below what they were prepared to pay. Our client is purchasing this property for their business and will allow them to grow their business.

It’s incredible to be part of our client’s journey and be able to add value that will dramatically help their financial situation paying far less than they would have without our services. 

To negotiate well it’s so important to understand the market you’re negotiating in.

The property was on the market for 90 plus days and we were able to have a data backed approach to set the vendors expectation on the price point with where this market is at. We had time on our side with this one and took full advantage.


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