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Our prediction and what to expect from the property market in 2024!

Our prediction and what to expect from the property market in 2024!

By Casey Taylor | Buyers Agent

As 2023 comes to an end and we look ahead to 2024 it’s a very exciting time ahead as an active property investor.

In 2023 despite challenges with inflation, interest rate rises and negative sentiment the Australian Property Market continued to perform.

As per Core Logic we have now seen 10 consecutive months of prices growth – not want the ‘experts’ were predicting at the start of 2023.

At the start of 2023 we predicted price growth for 2023, and it’s no surprise that the areas we target for clients have continued to perform.

Core Logic’s National Home Value index experienced an all time historic high, recovering from it’s national trough.

Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth have now all reached new home value records.

All recovering from their shallow downturns.

These three cities also have record low listing levels, with listing levels being below the 5 year average.

Our prediction is that Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide will continue this trend into 2024 and will experience double digit growth of 10% plus for 2024.

Capital Cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide will continue the trend of under performing with affordability being one of the main factors.

Hobart due to it’s over supply with higher than average listing levels will stall capital growth.

This is why it is so important as an investor to get each and every one of your purchases right.

Selecting the right asset in the right location in each stage of the property cycle will dramatically enhance your results when holding for the long term.

Different cities will perform stronger at different stages of the property cycle.

Sydney and Melbourne ARE NOT always the best performing capital cities like a lot of investors believe.

Here are a number of reasons why 2024 is going to be an exceptional year in property: 

🔥🏡Massive overseas migration coming into Australia

🔥🏡Specific capital cities have not reached their borrowing capacity ceilings

🔥🏡Building approvals not keeping up with demand

🔥🏡Historic low vacancy rates

🔥🏡The end of the interest rate rising cycle in 2024

🔥🏡Builders going into administration in massive numbers

🔥🏡Australia has extremely low public housing, you’ll be rewarded for providing a solution to this issue

🔥🏡Fundamentally with have a supply and demand issue which will drive prices higher

🔥🏡Specific capital cities with listing levels below the 5 year average


Why should you work with Taylored Property Wealth | Buyers Agent to achieve your property goals? 

✅Access to our relationship with agents, getting access to properties you can’t access by yourself

✅Leverage our extensive property specific negotiation skills

✅Access to our data, research and due diligence to ensure a high performing asset

✅Access to our team of specialists to ensure you have a high-quality team

✅Ongoing support and mentorship

✅Ensure the purchasing journey is seamless and stress free

✅Give you back your valuable time to spend on your career, your family and your family

✅The confidence that you’re making a sound investment decision


Our first-class service to our clients includes: 

✅High yielding properties primed for growth

✅Primed for capital growth

✅Primed for rental income growth

✅Taylored Strategy to catapult you to your long-term goals

✅Over 100 hours’ worth of first-class data and research

✅Securing properties that meet our clients long term goals

✅Access to Off- Market and Pre-Market properties

✅Delivering a systematic approach to determine market value

✅Purchasing properties under market value making money for our clients from day one

✅80% of our purchases for clients are completed off market

✅We have 50+ 5 star google review ratings


Do you want to set yourself up for success in 2024 and smash your property goals out of the park?

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