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Is your mindset holding you back from changing your future?

Is your mindset holding you back from changing your future?

By Casey Taylor | Buyers Agent

Speaking with aspiring investors, everyday investors or sophisticated investors there are common occurrences that I notice around mindset.

There are a lot of people who let their mindset hold them back.

This simple mindset issue will dramatically affect the trajectory of their future.

Let me tell you why.

There are a lot of investors out their that don’t have their financial situation holding them back but their mindset is what holds them back.

They have massive saving buffers in place.

They have a consistent cash surplus every week, fortnight or month BUT……

They can’t let go of their cash. Their safety nest.

They are attached to seeing the bank balance when they log into internet banking.

Yet, this cash sitting in the bank is being devalued daily.

Their consistent cash surplus being far more then what it would cost to hold an asset growing in value.

The cash being worth less tomorrow then it is today, being able to purchase less with the same amount of money.

This decision will dramatically change the trajectory of their future.

They can’t save their way to financial freedom.

They can however leverage their cash, borrow Other People’s Money and purchase higher performing assets.

This getting them closer to financial freedom and dramatically changing their future.

Saving money doesn’t work unless you put it to work.

You have to make your money work for you.

The longer you play it safe, the less that cash will be worth.

Prices in performing assets will continue to rise and you will be priced out.

Your cash will purchase less and you’ll be priced out of purchasing the high performing assets.  That is a fundamental belief here at Taylored Property Wealth.

If you want to improve your future for your family, create a legacy and create financial freedom there is one thing to do.

Take the action today to change your future for tomorrow.

The choice is yours, the benefit is for your family and their future.

What legacy do you want to create for them?


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